“With outstanding capabilities, we have grown to be one of the leading manufacturers of modified tapioca starches.”

  • G1 : Geographical Advantage

    Our factory covers an area of 1,000 acres in Khon Buri, Nakorn Rachasima. We are located in North Eastern Thailand where approximately 20% of the total available cassava in the country is grown.

  • G2 : Good Material

    The cassava plant varieties in Thailand are Non-GMO.

  • G3 : Great Expertise

    We have a team of experts with extensive years of experience in the starch industry to provide customer assistance and technical service

  • G4 : Guaranteed Quality

    Our products are manufactured under strict quality control and inspection from the selection of quality cassava roots, delivery through to our production processes.

  • G5 : Good Governance

    The strength of GSL lies in its efficient management systems based on good corporate governance. We practice excellence in our services and products while promoting social development through various corporate social responsibility activities.

“GSL is accredited with the following international standards”


✔ ISO 9001 from Bureau Veritas Certification since 1999. We are committed to manufacturing the best starch of the best quality. We are committed to providing timely service with an emphasis on safety , food safety and environment. With the product development and continuous personnel.
✔ ISO 14001 from Bureau Veritas Certification since 2008.
✔ GHP and HACCP standards from Bureau Veritas Certification since 2005.
✔ BRC (British Retail Consortium) from BUREAU VERITAS since 2005.
✔ Halal Food Certification from the Central Islamic Council of Thailand since 2002.
✔ Kosher Food Certification (For Jewish) from Thai Kashrut Services Co. Ltd. since 1999.
✔ Organization (Carbon Foot Print for Organization Certification from Thailand Green House Gas Management Organization since 2016)
✔ Good Labour Practices Logo

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