•  Applications
     Coated Nuts
     Fabricated Potato Chip (Bake, Fried)
     Green Pea
     Rice Cracker
     Sheeted Snacks (Bake, Fried)
     Shrimp Crackers
     Snack Pellet
  • Cost Saving
     Our modified tapioca starch can be a cost effective alternative to potato starches in snack pellet products.

     Our specialty film forming starches and dextrins can be used in a final coating glaze on snacks.

     Depending on snack type and processing conditions, we have a range of starch products that can provide unique textures. In coating applications like baked or roasted coated peanuts we have starches that provide good expansion with a firm initial bite.

  •  Gelpro A10
     Gelpro F130E
     Gelpro F551E
     Gelpro F801E
     Gelpro F805E
     Gelpro HAC
     Gelpro L
     Native Tapioca Starch