Processed Meats and Fish

  •  Applications
    Processed Meat
     Burger Patties
     Chicken Cutlet
     Chicken Nuggets/Fingers
     Chicken Patties
     Ham Products
     Hot Dogs
     Meat Balls
     Meat Kebab
     Meat Loaf
     Meat Luncheon
    Processed Fish
     Asian Hot Pot Seafood Items
     Imitation Crab Stick
     Seafood Balls, Cakes, Pastes
     Seafood Nuggets

     Dim sum Filling
  • Cost Saving
     The texturizing starches are typically used in cost savings exercise in processed meats, fish and surimi. Identifying the suitable modified starch will be dependent on the customer’s requirements and discussion with our technologists.

     High levels of modified tapioca starches are used to provide firm and elastic textures. These starches are purely used for texturizing as purge will occur during storage. However, the lower amylose content in tapioca starch suggests that the modified tapioca starch would still have better purge stability than that of native potato and native corn starches.

    Water Binding/ Yield Increase
     Highly stabilized tapioca starches have the capability to increase the water binding of the processed meat and surimi product during the cooking process. This action also improves the overall yield of the product.Purge reduction is also possible because of the stability of the modified tapioca starch.

  •  Gelpro AC20
     Gelpro HC30HV
     Gelpro HC715HV
     Gelpro HP33
     Gelpro L
     Gelpro M
     Gelpro MH
     Native Tapioca Starch