Food Applications

A diverse portfolio of food grade native and modified tapioca starches are available to the food industry.

These specialty food starches impart viscosity, modify textures and help improve stability of food systems. The neutral taste of tapioca starch allows their modified counterparts to be used in delicate-flavored foods such as processed dairy and fruit based applications. The clarity, excellent flow and clean tasting properties of modified tapioca starches also find uses in a variety of liquid food applications such as table and culinary sauces, gravies, dressings and soups.

The native and modified tapioca starches are also extensively used in processed meat surimi based products noodles, and coating systems. In snacks and bakery dough applications, specialty tapioca starches are used to modify and help create unique textures. There are many other food and beverage applications where specialty tapioca starches make significant contributions towards texture, mouth feel enhancement and stability.