Industrial Applications

Process Advantage
Wet End To improve paper or board internal strength, To achieve better chemical retention and filler retention
Surface sizing To improve smooth and external strength of paper
Coating To replace limited portion of expensive synthetic latex in coated grade
Spraying To improve ply-bonding in multiply board products

General Starch Limited offers intensive ranges of starch to meet diversified demands in paper industry.

Each range of our products is specially developed to correspond efficiently to each stage in paper making process. i.e. wet and, surface sizing, coating and spraying process.

In recent days, paper manufacturers are enthusiastic to elevate their productivity and quality of their products. General Starch Limited has implemented updated innovation and technology to develop distinctive features to our product ranges in order to respond specific demands in competitive market.

As one of the leading suppliers of specialty starches to the paper industry, our highly experienced paper technologists are available to provide technical support to paper manufacturers in order to meet their objectives.

Our modified starch products are suggested for applying as starch adhesive in corrugated boards for:

  • Better penetration
  • Better bonding
  • Possibilities to reduce glue consumption and speed up the machine

  • Our product is recommended to apply in warp sizing for the best weaving performance. Its solutions provide good penetration and form strong films which are smooth and elastic.

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