Batters, Breadings and Coatings

  •   Applications
     Batter Coatings for Meats and Seafood
     Dust On Coatings
     French Fries Coatings
  • Adhesion
      Starches for use in pre-dust or batter coatings. Superior coating adhesion to substrate with significant reduction in blow off. Improves moisture retention and yield for cost savings.

    Clear Coatings
      Starches for use in clear coatings applications. Improving the coating performance by providing a smooth, clear, flexible film that extends the heat lamp stability of the finished product.

     Enhances the crispiness and crunchiness of the coatings. Provides good expansion giving a light and crispy texture to the coating.

  •  B*Tack D
     B*Tack P
     Gelpro F104E
     Gelpro F551E
     Gelpro F88E
     Gelpro HAC
     Gelpro L