Soups, Sauces,Dressings and Dips

  •  Applications
    Sauces and Dressings
     Asian Condiments
     Gravies in Ready Meals
     Plum Sauce
     Salad Dressings Sweet and Savoury Dips
     Teriyaki Sauces
     Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce
     Tomato Sauce
    Dry Mixes
     Cooking Sauces
     Instant Dips
     Instant Gravies
     Instant Soups
  • Thickener and Stabilizer
     Our specialty starches offer outstanding process stability and freeze/thaw performance in liquid food systems in this category. It provides excellent stability to the liquid system under low temperature storage conditions and extended shelf-life. The choice of specialty starch to use will be dependent on the formulation and processing conditions. When optimally used, the modified starch would provide excellent viscosity, smooth short texture and a glossy appearance.

    Cost Saving
     Modified tapioca starches are commonly used as a cost effective thickener and stabilizer.

  •  Gelpro AC50
     Gelpro F107E
     Gelpro F801E
     Gelpro F807E
     Gelpro HC30HV
     Gelpro HC48
     Gelpro HC48LV
     Gelpro HC715
     Gelpro HC715LV
     Gelpro HC81
     Starfirm 48
     Starfirm 68