Noodles, Spaghetti and Wrappers

  •  Applications
     Glass Noodle
     Instant (Fried and Air Dried)
     Long Life
     Har Kow
     Spring Roll
     Rice Rolls
  • Cost Saving
     Modified tapioca starches are used in some noodle types such as mung bean noodles to reduce formulation cost. The specialty tapioca starches have also been used as lower cost alternatives to native and modified potato starches particularly in instant noodle applications.

    Hydration Rate
     Native and modified tapioca starches are used to improve the noodle hydration rate. The modification type and level will be dependent on the noodle properties desired by the customer.

    Texturizer and Stabilizer
     Our specialty starches are widely used to provide unique textural properties to a broad range of noodle types, wrappers and pasta. Smooth, soft, firm and elastic textures can be achieved depending on the integration of the modified tapioca starches within the product matrix. Modified tapioca starches are also used to provide improved stability to change in chill, frozen and long life noodle products. The choice of the modified starch used in the application is dependent on the customer’s requirements.

  •  Gelpro A10
     Gelpro A15
     Gelpro A65
     Gelpro A95
     Gelpro AC20
     Gelpro F130E
     Gelpro HC52
     Gelpro XT
     Native Tapioca Starch
     Starfirm 18