•  Japanese Mochi
     Kueh Lapis
     Mixed Congee
     Moon Cake, Chendol, Chen Chow
     Steam Sponge, Buns
     Tang Yuan
     Tapioca Pearl, Red Ruby
  •  Our modified tapioca starches are used to impart unique textural properties to a variety of Asian desserts.
     Enhance brightness and translucency.
     Improve mouth-feel.
     Provide excellent freeze and thaw stability and extend shelf-life of the product texture.

  •  Gelpro A65
     Gelpro AC20
     Gelpro F801E
     Gelpro F807E
     Gelpro HC52
     Gelpro HC715
     Gelpro HP33
     Gelpro HP77
     Gelpro L
     Gelpro XT
     Starfirm 48

  •  Infant Formula
     Power and Dried Baby foods
     Prepared Baby Foods
  •  Our modified tapioca starches are used as thickeners and stabilizers in liquid foods.
     Instant modified tapioca starches to provide viscosity in dry mixes requiring no cooking.

  •  Gelpro F200E
     Gelpro F801E
     Gelpro L
     Gelpro X50
     Native Tapioca Starch
     Starfirm 48
     Starfirm 68

  •  Encapsulated Oil and Water Based Flavor or Active Ingredients
  • Encapsulation Agent
     Our specialty tapioca starches and dextrins are used to improve oxidation resistance in the encapsulated powder.
     Maintain the powder integrity and keep it free flowing.

  •  Gelpro F105E
     Gelpro F551E

  •  Canned and Pouched Wet Foods
     Dry Foods
  •  Our products provide thickening and stability to liquids foods and binding effect for dry foods and pellets.

  •  Gelpro F108E
     Gelpro F801E
     Gelpro HC30HV
     Gelpro HC48
     Gelpro HC715
     Gelpro L
     Gelpro X50
     Starfirm 68