Dairy Products

  •  Applications
     Cream Cheese Analog
     Creamers (Condensed, Evaporated, Powder)
     Custards, Vla
     Dairy Beverages
     Dairy Desserts
     Dairy Powder Mixes
     Drinking Yoghurt & Acidified Milk Beverage
     Ice Cream
     Processed Cheese Analog
     Yoghurt (Stirred, Long Life)
  • Cost Saving
      Our modified tapioca starches provide functional benefits of thickening, improved creaminess and enhanced mouth-feel, offering cost saving possibilities with reduction of dairy solids in the formulation. Texturizing starches that provide significant cost savings in replacing rennet casein and/or cheese solids while maintaining the quality and properties of the imitation cheese.

    Mouth-Feel Enhancer
      In low viscosity applications such as drinking yoghurts and acidified milks, our modified tapioca starch can provide improved mouth-feel that remains stable upon storage. This mouth-feel enhancing starch can augment the apparent richness of an existing beverage such as a chocolate beverage or to build-up the mouth-feel in a reduced sugar or fat version of the beverage.

     Our range of texturizing starches, have been developed specifically for use in imitation cheeses. Starches that provide firmness and elasticity in an imitation cheese block without compromising on the shredding and slicing ability of the block.

    Thickener and Stabilizer
     Our range of thickening and stabilizing starches can meet the processing conditions of our dairy customers and provide viscosity, stability and a glossy finish to the final product.

  •  Gelpro F101E
     Gelpro F107E
     Gelpro F88E
     Gelpro HC48LV
     Gelpro HC715
     Gelpro HC715HV
     Gelpro HC715LV
     Gelpro HC80