•  Applications
     Jelly Bean Centres
     Hard Gums
     Chewy Candy
     Panned Coated Confections and Chocolates
  • Cost Saving
     Our modified tapioca starches can contribute towards cost saving projects when used as a replacement of ingredients such as gelatin and gum arabic.The amount of replacement will depend on the type of confection and manufacturing process used. When optimally cooked, the modified tapioca starches provide a soft elastic texture in the finished product.

     Our low viscosity modified tapioca starches are easy to process. With lower amylose content than other types of gelling starches they provide a soft elastic texture in the gelled confection. As the gels are softer they also provide better clarity and moisture retention over the shelf-life of the product.

    Pan Coating Films
     Our range of film forming modified tapioca starches and dextrins can provide improved strength in the coatings of sugar and chocolate confections to improve the appearance and reduce the incidences of surface chips and cracks upon handling and storage.

    Texturizer and Binder
      Our specialty tapioca starches and dextrins can provide a range of textures when used in combination with other texturizers to provide unique textures in confections. As functionality of starches are very dependent on the type of product they are applied in and the manufacturing process, discussion with our technical specialists is advisable for the appropriate starch to be offered.

  •  Gelpro F104E
     Gelpro F551E
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     Gelpro F801E
     Gelpro HC715
     Gelpro F88E
     Gelpro F91E
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