Convenience Foods

  •  Applications
     Frozen Pies, Soups and Meals
     Instant Soups, Sauces and Gravies
     Ready-to-Eat Meals
     Retorted Canned & Pouched Products
     Room Temperature Shelf Stable Foods
     Soups & Soup Stock
  • Fill Viscosity
     Contribute high viscosity initially to suspend solids and followed by viscosity breakdown after retorting.

    Mouth-Feel Enhancer
     Provide enhanced mouth-feel properties to low viscosity liquid systems with a bland taste allowing delicate flavors to come through.

    Thickener and Stabilizer
     Our wide range of specialty tapioca starches with differing levels of process resistance and stability is to cater for various needs of our customers’ requirements.Our modified tapioca starches in application provide smooth short texture with bright glossy appearance. These starches have excellent freeze/thaw stability that Contribute towards the overall stability of the finished product.

  •  Gelpro AC50
     Gelpro HC48
     Gelpro HC715
     Gelpro HP33
     Gelpro HP77
     Gelpro X50
     Native Tapioca Starch
     Starfirm 68